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Unit Size: 7" x 7" x 6.5" Base: 5 1/2" x  5 1/2"


 List: $ 311.84   Our Price: $ 239.00  


RADIORAY Model 2000  (white)  Model 2051 (black)

    Permanent Mount Searchlight

    Programmable Wireless Remote

    370 degree Rotation x 120 degree Tilt

    400,000 Candle Power , 5.5 Amps

    UV and Salt Water resistant

    3 Year Warranty


Cr5 PentaBeam™ Technology with 400,000 candlepower

The Golight 2000 permanent mount spotlight is a motorized spotlight that operates via a handheld wireless remote control.  The up and down movements control the motorized 120 degree tilt of the spotlight and the left and right movements move the motorized rotation of the light a full 370 degrees.  The light continues to move while a button is depressed.  Once any button is released, the spotlight remains locked in that position until a button is depressed again.  The remotes also turn the light on and off, so no additional switches or wiring is required.  The unit draws 5.5 amps.   

The wireless remote control allows for fingertip operation.   The wireless handheld remote is rectangular in shape, 4 inches long and about 2 inches wide, .5 inches thick, fitting easily into the palm of your hand.

The Golight 2000 is mounted to the surface of a vessel and/or vehicle via 3 screws and a rubber gasket for a quick, safe and secure attachment. 

The Cr5 PentaBeam II technology combines a five-sided parabolic reflector with an axial filament Phillips H-9 bulb. This  400,000 Candle Power configuration generates an extremely bright beam to penetrate dark spots, cast a broad spectral pattern and reach distances of up to a half-mile away.

Both UV and saltwater resistant, the Golight 2000 comes with a three-year limited warranty.  Each unit is approximately 6 inches high, 6 inches wide and 6 inches deep. 

The Golight remote control spotlight (search lights) is used in the military, by police, fire, rescue, hunting, spotting, etc.




White 12 VoltGoLight 2000
Black 12 VoltGoLight 2051
H-9 Bulb  12 volt & 24 volt application GoLight 49000
White 12 Volt double remote GoLight 2007
Black  12 Volt double remote GoLight 2057
White-24 Volt GoLight 2000-24V
Black-24 Volt GoLight 2051-24V
White 24 Volt double remote GoLight 2007 - 24V
Black  24 Volt double remote GoLight 2057 - 24V



White 12 Volt GoLight 20004
Black 12 Volt GoLight 20514
White 12 Volt double remote GoLight 20074
Black  12 Volt double remote GoLight 20574
White-24 Volt GoLight 20004-24V
Black-24 Volt GoLight 20514-24V
White 24 Volt double remote GoLight 20074 - 24V
Black  24 Volt double remote GoLight 20574 - 24V


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