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Golight's Cr5 PentaBeam Technology


Golight's Cr5 PentaBeam™ Technology takes full advantage of the axial flow filament bulb, which is designed for both close and distant usage.

The powerful center beam projects to one-half mile, while the short-range pattern brightens a broad area with consistent light.

400,000 candlepower

• 60% more useable light
• Eliminates dark spots

• 5-sided reflector captures and directs more

  useable light than other designs (Fig. A)

• Reaches distances to one-half mile
• Powerful Philips 65 watt bulb with concentrated
  beam reflector casts broad spectral pattern

Golight Figure A golight spacerGolight Lux Factors GraphGolight Cr5 Diagram


Cr5 PentaBeam

Philips H9 bulb with 12 Volts, 65 Watts, 400,000 candlepower. Lab test averaged 270 life hours. Approximate total spread to 10% Maximum C.P. is 9 degrees horizontally and 6 degrees vertically. Base: 2 Rt. Angle lugs. Filament Designation C-6, Maximum overall length: 76 mm / 3.0 in. Dimensions: Rectangular 92 mm x 150 mm / 3.6 in x 5.9 in.



Cr5 PentaBeam™ II

Combining the revolutionary GoLight® five-sided parabolic reflector with an axial filament Philips® 9011 bulb, Cr5 Pentabeam™II Technology generates an extremely bright, virtually perfect beam of light to eliminate dark spots, cast a broad spectral pattern and reach distances of up to one-half mile. Projecting more usable light than other brands. GoLight®Cr5 Pentabeam™ II brings more power to you, anywhere you go.


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